More people die every day from burning fossil fuels than have died in 50 years of nuclear power.

The worst accident at a nuclear plant in the U.S. at Three Mile Island resulted in no injuries.

“Several health studies found there was no long-term adverse effect on the health of the population living around TMI.”

– FAQs about TMI

The worst nuclear accident in the world at Chernobyl resulted in 28 deaths among emergency responders and 15 deaths from thyroid cancer between 1991-2005.
– UNSCEAR, 2008 (pages 16-17)

No one died from radiation at Fukushima.

The United Nations Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation found that after Fukushima:

  • Cancer rates remain stable

  • Theoretical increased risk of thyroid cancer among most exposed children.

  • No impact on birth defects/hereditary effects

  • No discernible increase in cancer rates for workers

  • Temporary impact on wildlife

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“Studies indicate even the worst possible accident at a nuclear plant is less destructive than other major industrial accidents.”

Why Nuclear Power Must Be Part of the Energy Solution