Welcome to the Friends of Fission Action Page

We hope you are here because you’re ready to apply your knowledge
of the advantages of an all-electric fission-powered future.

Our mission is simply to get the word out to the citizens of the world that “Fission is Good.”

Key Talking Points:

Fission power is extremely safe, clean and economical.

Fission power creates good paying jobs.

Fission power can be built in U.S.A. – helping our economy in many ways.

Conversion to an all-electric society will create strong economic growth.

Providing dependable electricity to impoverished areas will lift people out of poverty and lower birth rates. New fission power designs can easily accomplish this. Anywhere.

Government should fully support research and development of the most safe and economical fission power designs until it is commercially viable for entrepreneurs to profit on their own.

Time is of the essence in implementing new fission power in addition to keeping existing fission power plants in operation.

Fission is Good

Note: We prefer the use of Fission Power to nuclear power, since the word “nuclear” has a bad connotation for many.

Actions You Can Take:

Write letters to the editor.

Write opinion pieces to newspapers and magazines.

Join radio talk programs when energy issues are being discussed.

Communicate with all of your legislators. From the local precinct to the president.

Tell your friends about your feelings on advancing fission technology.

Host forums/talks on advancing fission technology.

Display your electric car at car shows and discuss how they need clean power (yes, we’ve done this).

Contact Us

If you would like to run any of your messages by us or have questions, feel free to contact us at:

Rethinking Nuclear, Inc.

  • 5930 Seminole Center Court, Suite B3
    Fitchburg, WI 53711
  • 709.9834
  • admin@rethinkingnuclear.org

We host regular Zoom meetings. If you would like to join, let us know at: coot42@gmail.com.