Friends of Fission

We are an action group who live in states of the Midwest.

Our goal is to help others appreciate the potential value of fission power as the most effective way to reduce carbon emissions in our atmosphere.

WE LIKE FISSION of a Big Atom (like U-235) into smaller fragments

(Discovered in 1942, it was first used for safe energy in 1954.)

This is NOT to be confused with FUSION of Tiny Atoms into a bigger one.

(Fusion might become practical some time in future.)

T = Tritium; D = Deuterium; P = Proton; N = Neutron.

Are you a Friend of Fission too?

Click HERE to learn 6 common myths about (nuclear) fission power and facts that refute popular misconceptions. If you agree with the facts, and would like to help our planet by promoting truly clean energy, then you ARE a Friend of Fission.

Join us in spreading the word that Fission is Good. Our mission is to dispel the myths and create a popular demand for fission power, reversing decades of going in the wrong direction on energy policy.

Not sure yet? – then browse to start your journey towards discovering the truth about fission power. We are one of many organizations dedicated to promoting the advancement and use of fission power. Scientists, engineers and concerned citizens worldwide are actively pursuing our goal of expanding fission power to become our primary power source, so we can free our planet from greenhouse gas emissions that are adversely affecting our climate. Without new breakthroughs, fission power is being used NOW with existing technology. But future technologies (advanced reactors) are on the horizon: they will be even safer, more fuel-efficient and more cost-effective.