ThorCon advances technically and commercially in Indonesia.

Scientists attending the International Conference on Emerging Nuclear Energy Systems in Bali, Indonesia, were excited by ThorCon CEO Lars Jorgensen’s presentation of the design of the TMSR-500 liquid fission power plant. Nuclear engineering professors termed the design brilliant and clever. The conference added a second session to answer questions in detail. Nuclear professionals from Malaysia, Brazil, Japan, and South Africa engaged in subsequent discussions. Indonesia’s former Minister of Energy came specifically to hear about ThorCon.

ThorCon CEO Jorgensen and PAL director Sutrisno

The ThorCon team then returned to state-owned shipyard PT PAL Indonesia, which had begun reviewing ThorCon specifications in July. Potentially PAL can manufacture the exchangeable Cans which contain the liquid fuel, pump, and reactor vessel. Teams from PAL and ThorCon spent two days discussing specifications. ThorCon is revising them, and PAL will verify its capability and provide a budgetary cost estimate. PAL is seeking to diversify its shipbuilding business to include the energy sector. “The thorium molten salt power plant can produce clean energy cheaper than coal, and could be a reliable energy system in a low-carbon economy”, PAL said.

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